I meant to start this blog a couple weeks ago, but here it goes.

I first noticed this bump on my thigh, near femur area in January. I forgot to notify a doctor when I was at the NIH in January, it slipped my mind.  The next time I had the chance to tell a doctor was in March but I canceled the appointment with the endocrinologist because I didn’t see a reason to go because I just had complete blood work done and scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis.  I was good no signs of anything and blood work and other tests were within normal ranges. Also, the previous week I had just had oral surgery done to remove a molar and wisdom teeth, and had the follow up a day before that scheduled appointment.  I didn’t see a reason to leave from work again to go to it because already had schedule to do other things that day.

I finally decided to get the bump checked out, and I had lost my voice most likely due to allergies, so I sounded horrible that day.  I called to see about getting into UMC to get it checked out but after about an hour trying to talk in my hoarse voice it was no go.  I was told go to MEA then get referred over here.  So, I went back to work then back out within the hour to MEA to get it checked out.

They looked over it, I had an XRAY done and it is not bony.  I needed further testing. I was called back after I left for an ultrasound appointment the next day (4/23/2013) at Southern Diagnostics.

I was surprised the ultrasound only lasted 2 minutes for $300, which is quite expensive for the time.  The price most likely included the radiologist to evaluate the images.  I remembered to get a copy on CD from being familiar with testing. I also wanted to review the images.

Well, the images of the mass didn’t look like a cyst, which would be totally black, fluid filled.

The results from the radiologist being 4.5 x 2.7 x 3.1 cm  vascular, solid mass within the thigh musculature and differential diagnosis being soft tissue sarcoma.







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