On Monday I was called from UMMC that I have a MRi scheduled on May 20.  That is good news, at least I will have an MRI done before the June 5 appointment. I was hoping to see the doctor sooner but this evens it out.  She will have a chance to look at the scans and get a better picture of the mass.  Then there will be a game plan laid out hopefully on what to do next. Especially if doesn’t look so friendly.

A biopsy is probably in the picture.  I didn’t want to jump the gun and get a biopsy right away from doctor’s recommendation at the clinic after the ultrasound results.  I am not a doctor but know enough(to be dangerous. ha) but didn’t want to rush into a biopsy.  The mass could be related to a pheochromocytoma(really rare if paraganglioma) and didn’t want to put at risk if it was something not supposed to be biopsied.  I know with my health I need a specialist to look at this instead of paying $1300 for evaluation and biopsy, Then most likely referred somewhere else after that, it is better to have it all done at one place.

I talked to friends, and was told I should get an appointment with the orthopedic oncologist to look at the soft tissue mass, since they are more experienced and the person I should be seeing to deal with this.

I will post more updates at they come.



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