Well, today I have an MRI at 12:30.  I think I’ve had around 15-16 MRI’s total in my life so far.  The majority of them were on my brain.  I probably need to get another one, last one was in 2008.

Ok, back to the original point. I have a MRI today on my right thigh, around femur area to look at soft tissue mass. I don’t mind having an MRI done, they don’t bother me. The results of the MRI on the other-hand is what I am concerned about.

I know there is a mass there already, and needs to come out. I doubt the doctor would want to leave it there at this size if it is benign.  The mass if benign could be a neurofibroma or a nerve sheath tumor/schwannoma.  The mass being vascular means a blood supply and once mass goes from the non-vascular stage to vascular stage, it can grow indefinitely.

This MRI will show better detail then the ultrasound, which should give a better diagnosis.

Am I prepared for the results? Yes and No.

No, being that I don’t want to go through this right now.  I know surgery will have to be involved, and then there is the recovery period.  This will be added to my previous list of surgeries, that I’ve already had done.  The surgery could be fairly simple or little more complex with removing surrounding tissue, and if nerves are involved.


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