I didn’t update last week. But the results are in and it is benign. Neurofibroma.

I will meet with the doctor on July 10, to discuss more about the biopsy results and the next step, which is surgery. So, a benign intramusculsar neurofibroma.

Benign is better than what it could have been. It is a definite relief.  It made my trip last week to DC and the NIH better to not have to worry about the results.  I am not concerned about having surgery, since I am a veteran when it comes to having surgeries. This surgery should be relatively minor compared my other ones. I know there are risks in any surgery, I am sure the risks associated with this are minor.

At least the tumor is a good location within the muscle, and should be easy to remove according to the doctor. Less mucle removed means quicker recovery.




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