From the monthly archives: July 2013

I have surgery scheduled for August 9 to get this removed.  Someone might be thinking why do you need to get it removed, I thought it was benign.  The tumor can still grow despite being benign, and with the current size it needs to come out. The larger it grows would cause  problems and more work to remove than if it was smaller.

Am I worried?

I am not worried, if any very slightly. I’ve had surgeries and anesthesia during all those surgeries. I was never concerned about that.  I am only nervous the day before and the day of the surgery. Then I wake up and I am out of surgery.

There will be a 5 -6 inch scar on my leg after the surgery. She will cut through the skin, and muscle and shell out the tumor. It is not near any major nerves or vessels for that matter. So, I know I will be sore, and not want to walk that much. It will be sort of similar to one of my back surgeries, but just affect a leg this time. I won’t have to learn to walk again, but I imagine just general soreness and little pain and discomfort.

Back to spinal tumors (neurofibromas). It was discussed a little, but they are small, maybe not something to worry about for now. It is on my mind though, knowing I have one on my spine. I’ll have to put that in the far recesses of my brain, and not think about it much.