From the monthly archives: September 2013

OK. Surgery is scheduled for October 9. Arrive at 6:45 A.M.

MRI of femur, and CT of chest on Oct 2. 8:00 A.M. Rinse and repeat every six months.

I will update the post later, with more details about margins that will need to be attained.

About two cm each in direction around the scar tissue bed. In appearance it seems that a lot muscle will be removed but really is not that much. Surgery will be a wide excision and last around two hours.


I arrived at 8:00 A.M. or so for 9:00 appointment. I left UMC Pavilion at 12:00.

I know the doctor has a busy schedule. Also, added additional appointment right after that to see a nurse practitioner. Then they wanted to add an appointment to see anesthesia, but I politely declined. They can just call me, like they did last time. Lastly, I went to have some blood drawn which was only five minutes of my time.  I really did not want to wait for a 1:00 appointment, which could end up being close to 2:00 before I left. I was also hungry, since I skipped breakfast that morning. I think that was one of the longest days that I’ve been there that shouldn’t have happened.


I have an appointment to see the doctor in about an hour.

Hopefully I can get all my questions answered, and that I remember to ask everything that I need and want to ask.

I figure today is the day to discuss the next steps in treatment.  I will probably choose to have surgery next month.  I think I will have an MRI as well today, but not too sure on that.

I know God is control of everything, as He always is in my life.


I received a message back from the doctor through the online medium called “myChart”

I guess my mind was a little fuzzy when I talked to her last on August 20.

The secondary option if I chose not to have surgery was to do serial MRI every 3-6 months along with radiation to clean up margins.  Otherwise surgery with wide excision to clean up margins to be done in October.