Scans went by smoothly. MRI first for 30 minutes then followed by CT of chest for 5 minutes or so. Hopefully right decision to do only CT of chest. Since, I talked doctor out of doing two other scans of abdomen and pelvis. Since it is just a small amount more of radiation, as opposed to a new scan on a different different day.

I’ll stop by UMC tomorrow and pickup the scans on CD and results from the radiologist. The radiologist should look over the scans today, that way I can have results from the scans. The scans should be good anyway, the MRI was to look at the scar bed before surgery, and the CT was to look at lungs.  If anything does show up on the scans even though it is highly unlikely it would be this early. It would be a recurrence in the same place the tumor was originally. Or if it spreads through the vascular system to the lungs.



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