I will be having surgery tomorrow morning at UMC.  I found out yesterday through a call from the anesthesia department that I will be checking into short-stay instead of day surgery.  The main difference is with short-stay you check into a small room initially and return to the same room up to 23 hours. Then with day surgery it is outpatient.  I will be considered outpatient again this time in short-stay.  I will most likely only be in the room one to two hours (I’m estimating, I really have no idea)

Check in at 6:45 A.M. Surgery is at 8:00 A.M.   Surgery is estimated at two hours.

I’m not sure about the recovery period. I’m sure it might be a longer time frame then the previous surgery, when I am able walk without assistance from the  crutches.

Also. an update about the scans I had last week were good. CT checked out fine. No abnormality or evidence of metastatic disease in the chest. Always good to hear about a good report on scans.



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