I was discharged about 12:30 after being in the recovery room for an hour after anesthesia wore off, then an additional hour in short stay.

The surgery went well and was successful. I do have pain from the surgery and  decided to bear the pain I had which was about an eight, til I arrived back at home. The last surgery I had a  shot that  numbs the area and reduces pain for a longer period of time but comes at a cost. I could bear the pain because of having other surgeries and I’d rather feel the pain, so I know what is hurting. Also, I had some pills left from the last surgery, so I could take those before I filled the new prescription today. The discharge notes say “Let pain be your guide to activities. Too much pain – too much activity” which is what I already know and do. It makes perfect sense.

Right now, I am currently resting, and keeping my leg elevated. It needs to be elevated for a few days.  Also, going up the stairs from the surgery wasn’t too bad, except nearly falling backwards because I stepped wrong with the crutches.

I will use the next few days to recover and go back to work on Monday. Even though I won’t be walking that well, I hope that I’ll be off crutches in a couple of weeks. I am currently on weight bearing as tolerated, which means I can bear weight on it, as long it doesn’t hurt too bad.

I’ll have to take it easy for the next ten days per additional notes, but I wasn’t planning on playing sports, running, excessive stair climbing or squatting.  I will just take it easy, as I always do and allow time to heal, keeping my activities to a minimum.

I know that God provided a successful surgery. He is the great physician and hears and answers prayers. By His hands he brought me through the surgery and will bring through to recovery. He is faithful. Always.






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