On Thursday around noon, I went to the ER because of a suspected blood clot. I had some swelling, definite warmth and a red hue around part of the incision. I also was experiencing pain and soreness that didn’t seem normal.

I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. It was around five minutes.  I get into the treatment room and sit on the bed. I  explain everything to them. After they looked at it, they are telling me it is normal. I noticed the warmth wasn’t there, and red hue had gone away.  I also noticed I wasn’t experiencing any more pain. I contemplated as I waited alone in the room for about two hours. I’m not sure how I was feeling better all of a sudden. I thought of different reasons.  There was no other scenario that could make me do a total 180. From feeling the way I did for the two previous days. The only explanation I can think of is prayer and that God is continually working in my life.

Today, I am starting to feel a lot better. Soreness still abounds, but not that bad. I’ve not had any pain medicine since that Thursday morning.

I will be glad when I am back to walking normal once again. It is easy to take things for granted. I am doing what I can. One day at a time.


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