From the monthly archives: November 2013

I had my follow up appointment with my orthopedic oncologist today. So far, everything is looking good with the healing with the scar.  I had questions answered that I needed to hear.  I found out how much tissue was removed from the surgery. The report  says “white-tan skin ellipse (11.0 x 2.5 cm) with underlying subcutaneous tissue, fat, and muscle (11.0 x 6.0 x 5.5 cm.” To clarify the meaning of skin-ellipse is the portion of skin that was removed and of course the next statement was everything else. Which happens to be a good portion that was removed during the surgery.

Side Note: Also, a sigh of relief was what was thought to be a possible neurofibroma on the spine from an MRI earlier this year, is nothing at all. That was at the back of my mind, that I didn’t think about too much. I am glad that is resolved.

Also, radiation was discussed. Radiation is not out of the picture yet. She will discuss with the radiation oncologist and find out if it needs to be done. I rather not have radiation but if it is required, I will go that route. I will find sometime soon if radiation is needed and give the details here.

The next step is an MRI and CT scheduled for May to continue the followup. Other than that I need to continue the healing process. And get out and walk more and exercise so, I can mostly get back to normal.

I know that God is in control of all things. I realize I have been throughout a lot growing up with surgeries, and even this is another trial that I’ve been through. I know I will continue to get stronger and these have only helped me along the way to shape who I am now. I am thankful for everything I’ve been through, because I do not know the person who I would be today, without all these events happening in my life. It is time to move forward.



I thought I was making progress recovering. I feel like I’ve regressed back a couple weeks in terms of how the leg feels. It may be the cold weather. But probably more likely I either picked up something I shouldn’t have or stepped wrong.

I decided to go back to using a crutch. I’m not even sure that is the best method. I’ve not even talked to a physical therapist, so when I transitioned from two crutches to one crutch. I did that on my own accord. So, hopefully now using one crutch will lessen the pain and put less stress on this leg.

I feel enough pain to take medicine to relieve the pain. I rather feel it then have it cover up. The multiple surgeries that I’ve had, when I compare it to those pains overall, it is minor in comparison.

At this rate in my recovery process, seems it will take longer than expected.

I have to look past all the pain, and looks towards the future. I know I will be better. I will walk and move faster. Small hurdles I have to go through now to get to the final outcome.  I am thankful for everything I’ve been through. It only makes me stronger to face the road ahead.




Scar is healing up nicely. I am off crutches as of a few days ago. I still have a slight limp, when I am walking. I am sure it will get better as the days pass.

Still have limitations on what I can do. I still try to avoid heavy lifting or any thing significant enough at work or around town, to allow healing to continue.

I need to look on positive side and not of any negative statistics on what could happen if this recurs.  But it is hard not to since, I am just three months away from first surgery, and one month from the last one. Then playing the waiting game.  Hard to return back to life and think everything is normal.  In actuality in bleeds into everyday life, more so than I realized.

Going from being five years free of a pheochromocytoma, and with the sarcoma being diagnosed.  Life doesn’t return to normal after surgery. But a new one is actually started.  Life is looked at differently, and appreciated more. There are more risks you are willing to take.  A chance to step out of your comfort zone and go into boundaries you never thought possible.

As life goes on around you, people continue in their same pattern. As you flow into a different one, but unaware to those around you.

A chance to experience things that can bring you joy. There are places to be, things to do. The concept of time is what we take for granted. We can fill our time with useless things, and not realize the pattern we are in day to day.

There is a lot of free time. We have to learn to put it to good use. Charting out, what you do in a day is a good tool to use. When you look back on the week, it can be surprising.  Do we let things bother us that can creep into other parts of our day.  Those aspects need to be marked and eliminated if possible. We need to deal with those and not ignore the underlining issue.

Once you get a better grip of time spent, you can value it a lot more. Get out and experience life. We came from dust and til dust we shall return.

I for one am appreciative of all that I’ve been through and won’t let any tumor keep me from feeling a since of normal. I will continue on.