I thought I was making progress recovering. I feel like I’ve regressed back a couple weeks in terms of how the leg feels. It may be the cold weather. But probably more likely I either picked up something I shouldn’t have or stepped wrong.

I decided to go back to using a crutch. I’m not even sure that is the best method. I’ve not even talked to a physical therapist, so when I transitioned from two crutches to one crutch. I did that on my own accord. So, hopefully now using one crutch will lessen the pain and put less stress on this leg.

I feel enough pain to take medicine to relieve the pain. I rather feel it then have it cover up. The multiple surgeries that I’ve had, when I compare it to those pains overall, it is minor in comparison.

At this rate in my recovery process, seems it will take longer than expected.

I have to look past all the pain, and looks towards the future. I know I will be better. I will walk and move faster. Small hurdles I have to go through now to get to the final outcome.  I am thankful for everything I’ve been through. It only makes me stronger to face the road ahead.




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