Well, I have a flight booked  to DC and hotel room reserved (June 25-28) now in June for the 3rd Annual Patient Symposium on Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma @ NIH. I will possibly be going in May for some routine scans as well. I don’t have any details as of yet. I will post more details when I find out.

I’m looking forward to seeing old pheo/para friends and meeting new ones. It will be a long day but it will beneficial to all who attend. The next day should have a lot of information as well but will probably not be as long. I will post details about what’s on the schedule for that as well.

Otherwise, I realized I have been neglecting to post here. I will try to update about a play I saw last weekend at New Stage theatre, called the Whipping Man. Otherwise today has been a long day. I am glad it is over with now.


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