I enjoyed completing my first 5k. Even though it was just a fun 5k. It wasn’t timed. I had a mixture of walking, and sprinting in between the crowd. I managed to wipe out within the first minute. I took a pretty good spill, on State Street in Fondren, right before Lenny’s. I fell down on my left side. I scraped up my left knee pretty good, with some abrasions on my hands for catching myself. Also, when I fell down, I hit pretty hard. I had a small scrape above my left eyebrow, and then had a nose bleed.

There was a nice police officer nearby. And I was given a rag to clean up my wounds, so I could continue the 5k.  It might have slowed me down slightly. I stopped for about five minutes or so (not sure).  I still passed tons of people just by walking. I had to sprint faster in between people, so I wouldn’t be stuck behind them. I never stopped until I reached the finish line. I then asked someone the time and she said it was 10:05 or 10:10( I started the race at 9:15.)

I am going to try to improve my time in the next 5k. But otherwise it was fun. I am glad I signed up to do it. Falling down has never stopped me from completing my goal.


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  1. Mac, your Dad's friend. says:

    I am really proud of you, Kenneth. You are a real trooper! And your last sentence says it all.
    “Falling down has never stopped me from completing my goal.” Again, I AM REALLY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!


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