I’ll be heading back to the NIH for more followup scans for the pheochromocytoma protocol in May.  I’ll be there nine days which includes the two days flying in and out of DCA(Not much I can do around town carrying luggage).  On Thursday morning the day after I arrive will begin tests and the first MRI. I will have the next MRI on Friday. After that I have free time until the clinical appointment on Tuesday.

This will be the first time, I can enjoy touring around DC area because of the lull time between scans and clinical appointment. I’ve been to a few places already because of the last two years. This allows me to a focus on a few more places that I need to visit. And catch up with a friend or two in the DC area. I’ll post on the blog of a few things I had the opportunity to do.

Since, I thought the schedule would have me return on Tuesday.  I booked my round trip flight too early before I received my exact schedule. Now, I have a return flight on Thursday as well, to avoid change fees. It makes more since to forgo return flight on Tuesday, and book a one-way flight back on Thursday.

But, having the additional two days  will be good if an abnormality arises and gives me time to ask questions. I rather not rush to make the Tuesday flight with unanswered question.

Then, I arrive back Thursday night and have CT and MRI the following morning at 8 A.M. here at UMC. Which should be very tiring.I’m sure the MRI results will be fine, just another 6 month follow-up scan. Waiting is always the hard part. Hopefully I’ll remember to get a copy of scans on the CD, so I can review the scans myself. Otherwise on Monday, I will have to pickup the results instead of waiting for the doctor to give them to me on June 3.




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