From the monthly archives: May 2014

Lot of things to do, but so little time. Next week is coming up fast. And this week should be fairly busy.

OK. I will talk more about coffee. I am thinking my coffee maker is not extracting properly. Thus my coffee is not good. Looks like I will just invest in a Chemex and just send this one back. There is a distinct difference in taste. Also, not feeling any different after drinking it. Rather not waste good coffee. It definitely needs more time to properly extract and most likely needs to be at the right temperature. I just needed more time to come to that conclusion.

If you like listening to the violin and want to hear it with a twist, throw some dubstep into the mix (just basically some drum and bass, electronic music with it). Lindsey Stirling has a new album out, called Shatter Me. I just came across the album on Google Play. I was listening while practicing writing with my left hand. I didn’t realize what I stumbled upon. I stopped and listened to the music. I then looked up more about the artist, then realized why I liked the music so much.  Beyond the Veil  is the first song off her new album, and found out today it has a music video. An impressive album.

Also, I just decided to look back at my archive of posts. And last year on this day, I started this blog. Well, it has been a long year with finding out that I had a sarcoma, two surgeries, recovery period and the road to feeling better. Once I get through the next two weeks, life will feel a little more normal, without the added stress of upcoming scans.