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Well, after scans came back pretty much normal from the NIH.

I had two additional scans here in Jackson on May 23. I received the results last Tuesday. On the CT of the chest a focal ground glass opacity (4-mm) was noticed in the right upper lobe. It could mean a different number of things. I will be getting a follow up scan in 3 months to check to see if it increases or disappears. I personally don’t think this will disappear.  Looking back at previous scans, I do see the same exact finding. Hopefully my medical records will be fixed this time around for the radiologist to look back at the previous scan and compare.  [I noticed my digital medical records were replaced by a different person with the same name and birth date. I thought I got it rectified but all my MRI and CT scans were under the other person’s name. My doctor and nurse were miffed by the scans being nowhere to be found. I clued them into the situation, when she brought it up to me. Lo and behold, the scans were right there under the other person’s name. So, digital records up not what they are cracked up to be…  It could possibly be bad if someone is allergic and their allergy suddenly disappears from their record]

So, the ground glass opacity in my lung can be a cause for concern, with my past medical history.  As, long as it doesn’t grow anymore. I’ll be OK, but more answers are greatly needed. Basically told it might clear up. You need a followup CT in 3 months.

I’ll update at another time, when I find out.


I guess I should sort of explain, what the term ground glass opacity means. Basically a hazy area, that can be seen on the CT scan. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It can of course if you had a previous cancer. But still no definite answer.

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