One year ago today.  I thought I was having a seemly benign tumor being removed. I did have some doubts.

Surgery was successful.

So, I found out two weeks later, that this surgery actually involved removing a sarcoma. This sarcoma was a cancer of the connective tissue, or soft tissue sarcoma. There ones that are more severe than this in comparison.  It may not even come back, but reassurance is hard when dealing with a rare cancer like this one.

Especially, five years after another rare tumor was removed. The case is still open on that one. Doctors here (locally)  may think differently but then again they have outdated information still being taught. Not to be too harsh, you really can’t stay on top of everything. I am thankful for the medical care here locally.   But it helps when I advocate and tell them about pheochromocytoma. Still rare and misdiagnosed.

It, has been an experience definitely. I am glad where I am today.  All things have prepared me for where I am now. I can only go forward from here.

In moving forward, I’ve already planned to do another 5k in November. Even though I’ve said this before, running in a 5k never crossed my mind until the end of last year.

  • I run because of the sarcoma diagnosis.
  • Running is healthy and good for you.
  • I’ve learned that I feel great after I run.

Don’t know what the rest of this year will bring. I am ready. And by God’s grace I am still here.


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