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Life has been busy the past few weeks. Of course with medical related things, it can add some stress. I had two different scans back in early September. One of them was a follow up CT of the chest, which showed two small ground glass pulmonary nodules 4-mm and 3-mm respectively. Since, they are small I still have no answer for it, but still have to follow up on this to make sure nothing changes. I rather not have more radiation since a chest CT  contains a lot and it will be about four chest CT’s in a years time starting around late last year. There are pros and cons of the scans, but what problems can occur down the road because of these is the main issue. Hopefully I can get a lower dose CT scan arranged for the  future six month scans. The next being in December.

The other scan, which I haven’t had in awhile but needed to be done was the brain MRI.  I’m sure most people who know me  or read this blog, don’t know why I need a brain MRI. I do need to followup to make sure nothing has changed. I rarely think about it, since it has been there for such a long time. It all goes back to when I was around seven(maybe earlier). I’ve had brain MRI’s because of the mass in my brain. I’ll step back and explain. Of course is a cause for concern, especially when you are a child at a young age being diagnosed with one.  I’ve had no treatment at all. I’ve had several MRI’s to followup on this when I was younger. It was on the wait-and-watch approach, because the area its in is inoperable. Still even with today’s technology it would still not be conducive in my opinion to perform that operation(But then again I haven’t researched enough about this)  I stopped following up for a span of ten to fifteen years .  The followup I had after all those years was in 2007 and 2008.  So, six years later here I am with this one.  I’ve never really known the size of it, can’t find any medical reports describing the particular size.  I found out on this scan the size described. It being  3  cm in length, 3.6 cm in width and 2.5 cm anteroposterior(front to back) diameter. Also from the report describes it being a moderate-size mass with poorly defined margins in the dorsal lower brain stem and into the upper cervical cord and centered in the medulla and extends to the inferior pons and into the middle cerebellar peduncles.

Well, it is unchanged since 2007. I’m not sure about how much it has changed since scans around 1991  and earlier, since I have no indication of the particular size in my old reports. I thought it was much smaller than the report indicated. And I was under the impression it was a few millimeters. I never think about it because it has been there for a long time. But when I do I realize I have a lot to be thankful for in my life.

God has been good. I’m really thankful for all He has done. I know I’ve been through a lot. I know God has constantly watched over me in my life. I know he answers prayers. So, with each new trial or anything really. I can constantly count on Him. Time and time again, it is easy to worry about the little things in life. But to look back and see how He constantly provides. I need not worry. He provides in the great and small.

All I have needed Thy hand hath provided.

 And I still can’t believe it has been a year.  Tomorrow on October 9 it will be one year since I had my second surgery which was a re-excision to get clear margins.  I’m thankful for having a good surgeon. I know I can thank God for laying all the ground work.  I can look back at previous times such as this, and see how He placed doctors in my life. I know He will continue providing.
“Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!”
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