From the monthly archives: March 2015




Another review of a play from New Stage Theatre.

It is a British play by Richard Bean based on an Italian play from 1743 named Servant of Two Masters.

I will give  a quick synopsis of the play in a few lines .  Basically it revolves around the main character Francis Henshall (Joseph Frost). He gets himself into a situation with serving two different guvnors, thus the title.  The two different masters have no clue but only you the audience. So, you see Henshall juggle his two jobs with comedy bits thrown into the mix.  I don’t want to give away too much but that is the basic gist of it.

I went to this play last Saturday night alone. I am glad because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable bringing anyone to see this particular play.

The play does have British humor which doesn’t always translate to the same humor you are to expect here.  There are of course some funny parts in the play.  But there is too much repetition of jokes and or gags that run its course by the end of the play. I don’t  agree with all the sexual innuendo being necessary in the play. I didn’t really care for the 50 Shades references either. Again with the comedy bits being a bit dragged out.

This play did have a live band. Even the characters were singing during certain parts in the play. Which brought a different life to this play compared to other plays.   At one point in the night, I wanted them to stop playing because I couldn’t bare the sound of them any longer.  But I moved on eventually.

OK. I will give credit to the cast. I did enjoy watching them perform. They did an excellent job. Each character had their own idiosyncrasy.  So, with all roles combined it did bring the play together.

Sometimes, I laughed and at times it made feel uncomfortable with some of their gags. Some of the jokes brought out some silence from the audience. But they kept on rolling with what they had.

I was reading a review of the play and when performed in Hong Kong,  it did not go over so well with the comedy bits with Alfie. The review states, “Where old people are treated with rather more respect. There it was met by silence and the odd gasp of disapproval. ” And it is because there is a repetition of gags with Alfie falling down stairs and other antics. The audience gets the perspective of what is about to happen next to the characters.  So, they don’t even see what it is coming to them. I did laugh at those parts but it is not necessary to overdue it.

I could go on about it, but I will stop.  This play is not for everyone. I would say I am ashamed to tell anyone that I saw this play. Because of the general material within the play. But I respect how plays come to life on stage.

It is great New Stage can bring plays of all calibers to the stage here in Jackson, MS.  I can’t be expected to enjoy every play that I see.  Not everyone appreciates the live stage.  But for what it’s worth, everyone should get out and go to a local play in their area to support the arts.