From the monthly archives: August 2015

Yellow represents sarcomas.

The title says it all. Two years today, I had surgery to remove a soft tissue sarcoma from the vastus medialis muscle of my right thigh. I’m glad I’ve reached this point. : -)

What have I learned so far???

God has been my rock and redeemer throughout all my trials. I still know to trust Him in everything. Because he delivered me in those trials, He is there in everything else. I still need God’s grace everyday.

I appreciate the life I have been given. I know I need to build relationships with others. I’ve taken for granted a lot of things.

We all face various trials in our lives. And we all experience difficulties. You don’t have to let certain situations bring you down. I know we wish that we would feel comfortable all the time. Life of course is not like that.

Life can still be stressful.

Your world is turned upside down after a diagnosis. You are not the same anymore. And then you start to appreciate everything that you already have and not to waste it.

All interactions and daily life changes, despite the same routine.  There will of course be worry or anxiety around the corner. We don’t know where we will be five years down the road.


I am thankful for all the comfort God has provided. I trust and depend on Him daily.









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