From the monthly archives: January 2016


Last year had its ups and downs. A whole hosts of things were interwoven to make the year of 2015.

In 2016, I still have unanswered questions and concerns, which hopefully in two to three months will reveal themselves.

Last year the number of scans came to the total of  6. I haven’t updated on the scans since August, which I had 4 more. The additional scans are still good. I was hoping two of the scans would answer concerns I am still currently experiencing. But it is great there is nothing that shouldn’t be there. So, that is a relief.

Along aside working, the doctor’s appointments, scans, and concerns can put additional strain on work and life.

Realizing that you are having pain on a daily basis, hinders everyday tasks. I started to journal my everyday food consumption from the  advice of my doctor. And then I started to notice pain that shouldn’t be there. I know now, I’ve had this a lot long than I realized. The only way I can remember those days, is an event or meetup happened on that day. So, it’s ingrained in my mind more clearly.

I’ve noticed the pain in my abdomen can last for several hours, if not controlled properly.  I originally used a heating pad, but moved onto OTC medicine in the last few weeks. Even that doesn’t always work. I’ve used one with sleep aids to get through early morning hours.

This has also caused missing a few Bible studies, a Symphony and other various things and events. Simply, I wasn’t feeling well enough to attend, move, or sit for that matter comfortably.

I will meet with the doctor now in February to hopefully find a solution to my problem.

… And I forgot to update that my scans have moved from every 6 months to once a year.  Managing work alongside scans, does have extra stress involved. Usually an extra day or two for results, with whatever the work day brings. So, only having to do that once a year is a relief.    : – )

Also, September ’15 is when I stopped using Facebook. It allows myself to free up time for additional things. I have time for reading books, such as Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. Which is a great book that I really enjoyed. There are still distractions but not as much anymore. I will admit I was spending too much time on Facebook.

So, a resolution is not to have pain throughout the year. I hope it might resolve itself in three – four months. Which might involve surgery.  I’ll just have to see what the doctor thinks.

I also decided this year to use a planner, which will hopefully provide motivation in other every tasks. Keep tracking of food consumption late last year, is one reason that I know that I can plan for the week.


2016 is a New Year. New possibilities and responsibilities. New books to read. Only time will tell.