I’ve neglected to provide another update on my delve into a world of books.
Below is my latest list.

Week 9-12: Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray [3/5-3/23] 754 pages
Week 12-14: Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton [3/24-4/4] 304 pages
Week 14-17: Adam Bede by George Eliot [4/5-4/26]  483 pages
Week 17-19: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell [4/27-5/9] 1037 pages
Week 19-22: Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton [5/11- 6/2] 414 pages

Adam Bede, should have been finished faster. I was reading a 127 year old copy of the book from 1889. Especially, taking great care with this older edition, is one reason.

The second being the in the hospital from 4/15-4/17. I went into the emergency room on that Friday morning at 7 AM. I wasn’t feeling well the previous day. Then when I threw up that morning, it did not look normal. It was was old blood, which was black.  The diagnosis was LA Class D Esophagitis. I feel okay now, currently taking medicine to heal it. I have a followup EGD on Monday to check on the healing of my esophagus.

Last week, I went to an ophthalmologist and she performed a laser treatment on the retina. It was done to help prevent retina detachment down the road, because of symptoms I was experiencing. A burst of green laser to the left eye, while seated with head and chin strapped in. It was hard to reply to the doctor, while a laser is flashing into your retina. It was no big deal. I’ve been through a lot in my life, so this was a minor inconvenience to myself. Basically, the treatment was plugging the small hole in the retina. Follow-up for that is next month.

Okay enough of that chapter into my life.

Gone with the Wind, is a wonderful book. It has become one of my favorite books now. There is so much in the book to say which can’t be confined in the few lines that I am giving here. Scarlett and Rhett both have dynamic characters. You will either love or hate, Scarlett. And of course the book is better than the movie. Too much is left out in the movie, because of time (haha). If you haven’t watched the movie. It is three hours and forty-five minutes.  Read this book now.

Custom of the Country. This book has been on my bookshelf for a few years. I actually forgot that I owned it. I noticed in January, while perusing my book shelves. Another great book by Edith Wharton, written in 1913. It is fun to compare and contrast characters from your other books to the one you are currently reading. I read one short review comparing the main character to the  one in Thackeray’s Becky Sharp. And that’s why picked it up finally.  Undine Spragg is… Well, you will have to find out for yourself.

Adam Bede, was enjoyable from the first few pages. I read this book, because it was written by George Eliot. As usual, her characters come to life. Quite a lot to say. If you have enjoyed reading Eliot, read this one as well.

Age of Innocence. Another great book by Wharton.

Vanity Fair. Great book. Am I overusing this word??? A character you will get to know is Becky Sharp. Quite a terrible character. You will see her antics in the first few pages.Vanity Fair, has also been called a book without a hero.

Thackeray has a lot of good commentary. Have you built your castles in the air lately?[You will not understand, until you read this book] One more thing. He has written a short parody of Ivanhoe in 1850, called Rebecca and Rowena. Which I need to add my to-read list. I will give an update later.

I didn’t originally attend to put mini review of these books. It was a pleasure reading through them. Quite enjoyable indeed.

Reading classics will broaden your mind and outlook on life. There is a lot to learn. Until next time.

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