I felt I needed to start a blog back in May. So, I could write how I was feeling and what I was currently going through, at that current time. Basically I would be able to capture any emotion, I was currently feeling and put it in written form to look back on. I had no idea where this bump would lead. I thought after the biopsy came back benign in June, that there would be no purpose of this blog in the current form. Then the diagnosis of the low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma (LGFMS) results came on August 20, 2013. Which I came full circle thinking the bump may be a sarcoma, which it finally turned out to be one.

So, I will continually try to keep this blog updated, and it will be a central place to keep friends and family in the loop on what is currently happening in my life.


I’ve also added a different section of blog posts, so I can add other content. Mainly what is going on in daily life; it can range from outings in the Jackson Metro area, to food,  or anything I see fit to post. Enjoy





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