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I enjoyed completing my first 5k. Even though it was just a fun 5k. It wasn’t timed. I had a mixture of walking, and sprinting in between the crowd. I managed to wipe out within the first minute. I took a pretty good spill, on State Street in Fondren, right before Lenny’s. I fell down on my left side. I scraped up my left knee pretty good, with some abrasions on my hands for catching myself. Also, when I fell down, I hit pretty hard. I had a small scrape above my left eyebrow, and then had a nose bleed.

There was a nice police officer nearby. And I was given a rag to clean up my wounds, so I could continue the 5k.  It might have slowed me down slightly. I stopped for about five minutes or so (not sure).  I still passed tons of people just by walking. I had to sprint faster in between people, so I wouldn’t be stuck behind them. I never stopped until I reached the finish line. I then asked someone the time and she said it was 10:05 or 10:10( I started the race at 9:15.)

I am going to try to improve my time in the next 5k. But otherwise it was fun. I am glad I signed up to do it. Falling down has never stopped me from completing my goal.


Ok, today is the first post that will help move this blog forward. I plan to update this with various things going in daily life.

Well, yesterday I went to the Snow Queen. A ballet put on by Ballet Magnificat!. I went to this two years ago in December of 2011. I enjoyed it. I went this year with a group of friends after church to see it.  I had a different perspective on the ballet this year. I sat up in the lower loge section of Thalia Mara Hall instead of sitting down front.  When you sit up higher, you can get the whole perspective of the ballet. Otherwise you are seeing a small section, mainly the dancers feet if you sit too close.  You can see the whole direction of the ballet, and all the movements when you are up in this section.  I would recommend sitting up higher when it comes to viewing a ballet.

In Thalia Mara there are some disadvantages, it seems when you are in the loge section. There will be partial views blocking, either from sitting too close to the side wall or people’s heads in front of you. If you can secure section A, it would definitely be your best bet. I sat in section B, and it was still wonderful to view it from this perspective.

Ballet Magnificat! always put on a good production, and this is one of their best performances for the end of the year. I must say I did enjoy this production of the Snow Queen, it was definitely different from two years ago. If you have a chance to catch a ballet from Ballet Magnificat! it will be well worth it. (my perspective below)

On a side note, Thalia Mara will be undergoing multi-million dollar renovations starting in January. This was one of the last performances this year before they begin.  I realized my Bravo! series tickets to the symphony will change venues due to the renovation and be held at Christ United (for Bravo III and IV) and then Jackson Prep (for Bravo V) in April. Tickets will be by general admission by sections according to tickets, and they will be sending them out soon. Then Bravo V will be split into two nights, Friday and Saturday. I am looking forward to hearing all three, and hopefully the venue changes will be a nice change of pace.