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I met with the doctor today for followup of the scans on Monday. Good MRI and CT. And I have the next 6 months scans in December, then I go to yearly after that. I’m glad for the good results.

Also, it is two years ago today, that I had a biopsy of this tumor. The diagnosis of it was not able to show its true nature. That is very common with sarcomas and it can be easily misdiagnosed. Which of course can delay the proper action that is needed. I am glad that I had it removed, even though I was told it was benign. 🙂

Anxiety can happen with dealing with scans. Especially with all that I have been through, it easy to fall back into that feeling. I know that I will never feel normal. I’ve never experienced that.  What I feel would be normal is not having to deal with any medical issues or trials of that nature. I know everyone has different experiences along the way. But going through all the surgeries and other related things,  has shaped my life in great ways.  I know that God has been there the entire way. I’ve depended on Him since my first surgery at age five. Even today my hope and trust is in Him. And I don’t know what the future holds, but God has been preparing me for it. I still have to rely on Him everyday.



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I’m ready for next week to be here already.

I never thought I would this happen. Even though I have been through a lot. The feeling of wanting answers but waiting as the the day approaches can set life back. Scanxiety is setting in.

It is more of a combination of things that has made this set in more.

Well, with leg pain and discomfort setting in, back in late March. Then general feeling of not sure of what is going on but to wait to see if is just temporary.  I was able to have an ultrasound on my leg last month, and it was all clear.  It did not clear up answers in that respect. But my leg was still not feeling normal. So, I’ve been going to physical therapy for the past month. I’ve found out that my right leg is much weaker. Most of that is likely due to the large chunk of muscle being cut from both surgeries in 2013 for better margins. (The muscle that was largely cut out was the vastus medialis muscle and its function is for knee extension.) And yesterday was the last day of physical therapy. The goal was to strengthen the the muscles supporting the knee and ankle/foot.  It has definitely provided improvement more than I realized. I just have to keep up these exercises.

The two upcoming six month scans are the MRI of the femur and CT of the chest next Monday. One checks the surgical site for recurrence and the other checks for metastasis in the lungs. The common site for a sarcoma to go next is the lungs. Still watching that to make sure everything is still stable there.

I’m sure everything will be good. There are days that everyone experiences that seem harder than the previous one. And I still have to trust God in everything because He has constantly provided. In every aspect of my life.





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Well, after scans came back pretty much normal from the NIH.

I had two additional scans here in Jackson on May 23. I received the results last Tuesday. On the CT of the chest a focal ground glass opacity (4-mm) was noticed in the right upper lobe. It could mean a different number of things. I will be getting a follow up scan in 3 months to check to see if it increases or disappears. I personally don’t think this will disappear.  Looking back at previous scans, I do see the same exact finding. Hopefully my medical records will be fixed this time around for the radiologist to look back at the previous scan and compare.  [I noticed my digital medical records were replaced by a different person with the same name and birth date. I thought I got it rectified but all my MRI and CT scans were under the other person’s name. My doctor and nurse were miffed by the scans being nowhere to be found. I clued them into the situation, when she brought it up to me. Lo and behold, the scans were right there under the other person’s name. So, digital records up not what they are cracked up to be…  It could possibly be bad if someone is allergic and their allergy suddenly disappears from their record]

So, the ground glass opacity in my lung can be a cause for concern, with my past medical history.  As, long as it doesn’t grow anymore. I’ll be OK, but more answers are greatly needed. Basically told it might clear up. You need a followup CT in 3 months.

I’ll update at another time, when I find out.


I guess I should sort of explain, what the term ground glass opacity means. Basically a hazy area, that can be seen on the CT scan. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It can of course if you had a previous cancer. But still no definite answer.

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